Asbestos Survey Reports and Asbestos Air Testing

Environmental Monitoring and Consultancy Services

ECL2000 offers a range of specific services to help clients stay within the legal boundaries defined by current regulations. A brief selection of services offered is as follows:

  • Monitoring of hazardous dusts and nuisance particulates in the work environment.
  • Indoor air quality assessment with particular reference to Sick Building Syndrome.
  • Industrial noise surveys and personal monitoring.
  • Analysis of polluting load in all industrial effluents - aqueous, particulate and gaseous.
  • Surveys, assessments and monitoring to assist compliance with COSHH Regulations.
  • Evaluation of materials failure and sources of corrosion.

At ECL2000 we can offer a professional interpretation of legislation and its implications for your specific circumstances. We can demonstrate how to gain and maintain a safe environment for you, your employees, customers and the general public.

Microbiological Investigation Services

If you are concerned about activities of micro-organisms with your raw materials, products, storage systems, processes or environment, then ECL2000 can help by providing the following services:

  • General water and soil microbiology.
  • Hygiene assessment of food preparation and manufacturing facilities.
  • Measurement of Legionella species in water systems.
  • Investigation of unusual microbial spoilage or pathogenic events.
  • Surveys of airborne micro-organisms in work environments.
  • Detailed reports and interpretation of results, including recommendations for remedial action.

Asbestos Survey and Asbestos Testing Services in Newcastle Upon Tyne and around the UK

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