Asbestos Air Monitoring in Newcastle Upon Tyne and around the UK

Asbestos is a household word, spoken with concern and anxiety, for very good reasons. The properties, which have made this collection of fibrous minerals so useful in a wide range of applications and products, are now causing untold suffering in a large number of people who have been exposed, in some cases without their knowledge to asbestos dust in the air.

Services to Identify and Alleviate Asbestos Problems

ECL2000 offers a comprehensive range of services to identify and alleviate any problems with asbestos:

  • Contract management of asbestos removal operations.
  • Complete surveys of premises to establish the nature, condition and location of asbestos materials, using an easily up-datable database system, all in accordance with HSG 264 - Asbestos: The Survey Guide (see building surveys)
  • Analysis, using approved techniques, of bulk samples collected by us or delivered to our laboratory.
  • Measurement of airborne asbestos fibre before, during and after the removal or disturbance of asbestos materials.
  • Consultancy and advice on safe methods of dealing with asbestos insulation leading to the preparation of detailed work applications for submission to contractors.


ECL2000 is accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) for the sampling and measurement of airborne asbestos fibres using the membrane filter method.

By employing ECL2000 you can ensure that hazards from asbestos in your environment are accurately identified and steps to eliminate them taken in the most reliable and cost effective manner. As independent consultants, ECL2000 can act as impartial referee in disputes between management and workforce concerning the nature and severity of asbestos removal.

We can guide you through the maze of legalisation and codes of practice and ensure that all work on the repair or removal of asbestos materials is carried out without risk to your employees or public.

Asbestos Air Monitoring in Newcastle Upon Tyne and around the UK

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